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Profile Boreal athlete Urko Carmona
Urko Carmona

Urko Carmona

Happy foot

Always full of energy and enthusiasm, Urko calls himself "Urko happy foot". When he was 15 years old a traffic accident took his leg but not his desire to climb. Para-climbing World Champion, 8a + route-setter and globetrotter climber, you will always find him at the best roof climbs.

Best moments

  • The first time I climbed a multi-pitch route (Gomez Cano, Calpe Rock), when I was 14.
  • When my younger sister was born.
  • New routing (Gracias Fina 8a)
  • My first grade 8 route


  • Never say you can´t, without trying first.
  • If you lose, you don´t lose the lesson.
  • The strength is not in the legs or arms, it is in the mind.
  • Strength and honour.
Urko, Escalando el presente - Trailer Oficial
Urko Documental

A history of excellence, friendship and strength that shows us the philosophy of life of Urko Carmona, Paraclimbing World Champion, who lost his leg in a traffic accident with 15 years. His day to day challenges and concerns, connection with nature, hinduism … the life of a world champion living in the mountains of Huesca in a van.