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Boreal athlete Silvia Vidal
Sílvia Vidal

Sílvia Vidal

Barcelona, Spain

Sílvia Vidal began aiding in the mid-1990s, fell in love with it and was climbing A5 routes within a year. She is noted for her ethics when soloing big walls, as she never brings any method of communication with the outside world.

Best moments

  • those moment that have already been
  • those moments that are
  • those moments that will be


  • Bring some sweets in the haulbags
  • Have a goal that is also a challenge.
  • Don’t just know what you have to do, but also how you have to do it.
Born in Barcelona, Sílvia discovered climbing when she was 24 years old and quickly became inspired by big wall climbing and is especially known for her solo ascents. She has climbed in many of the world's most remote regions, repeating difficult routes or completing first ascents in the Himalaya (India and Pakistan), Mali (West Africa), Baffin Island (Canada), Yosemite Valley (USA), and many others. 
La' Intensity - A Talk with Silvia Vidal
A look into the life and story of Silvia Vidal one of the worlds best Solo Aid climbers.

Produced and Edited by Adam Bailes
Video & Cinematography by Ignasi Tarrazona Gasque