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Rainshadow 9a - Josh Ibbertson - Photo Henry Giles
Josh Ibbertson

Josh Ibbertson

I’m 17 years old and started climbing regularly at the age of 8. I’ve been very lucky to grow up in Yorkshire with loads of great crags on our doorstep. At first I competed in lots of youth competitions, but then we went travelling round Europe as a family and shifted my focus purely to outdoor goals.

Best moments

  • Too many to say! Travelling round Europe with my family for a year
  • Successfully growing a tomato


  • Be with people who motivate you.
  • Always stay positive.
  • Enjoy the process.

Carries Highlights​

  • Onsighting my first 8a+, accidentally!

  • Rainshadow, 9a

  • Les enfants de la dalle, (30-ish pitches), Dent de orlu.

  • Fish Eye 8c, Oliana 

  • Onsight/Flashing 4 8’s in a day. 

  • Doing 11 8th grade routes (up to 8c) In a week.

  • Achieving my goal of climbing 100 8th grade routes before turning 14.

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