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We interviewed Sofie Paulus

The incredible Sofie Paulus is with us today!

It is a pleasure for me to chat with you, and I thank you for spending part of your time on this interview. Let's get started!

At what age did you start climbing and how did you discover your passion for sport?
I think the first time I was hanging on the wall at the age of three (picture). I grew up in a climbing family and that's why climbing has always been part of my life. However, it was never a constraint and I switched to other sports here and there. But when I was 18 I was absolutely aware of my passion for climbing and now I know that it is just incredibly important and valuable to me. I don't think that will change anytime soon​.


sofie paulus
Sofie Paulus at "Équipe Tricolore" 8a+, Frankenjura

We would like to know what your daily training routine looks like.
Oh that's an interesting question. I don't have a daily training routine. That has to do with the fact that there are many other interesting things for me besides climbing. My day currently consists mostly of studies (Global Change Ecology), which I find very interesting and super important. But of course I still try climbing or bouldering three to four times a week. The routine is having fun and always finding new challenges. Most of the time I work directly on my weaknesses. I also go jogging, do yoga from time to time, cross-country skiing in winter and road cycling in summer. So I'm absolutely not a training animal with a strict training plan.

Sofie Paulus at "Équipe Tricolore" 8a+, Frankenjura

You were climbing with us in Spain last year, which area did you particularly like? Was there an experience that you won't soon forget?
Oh Spain. It's always nice. I love the long, extremely varied routes and the Spanish way of life. Chulilla is always pretty heavenly for me. But I also found Siurana incredibly beautiful. I think I have collected so many wonderful memories that my many positive impressions of my trip to Spain will remain for a long time. I can't think of a specific experience, but of course it was nice to take some successes with me on difficult tours.

sofie paulus
Sofie Paulus at "Renegoide" 8b+, Siurana

Where do you want to climb next?
To be honest, I'm looking forward to climbing in the Franconian Jura. From Bayreuth, where I have been living since October, the distance to the next rocks has become very small and I can just hop on the train to go climbing. I'll enjoy that for now.

sofie paulus
Sofie Paulus at "Flaggermusmannen" 8a, Flatanger.

Tell us a little bit about your projects, which challenge are you focusing on at the moment?
At the moment my focus is on getting a little more strength. That would not be bad for the next destinations, which I have not yet specified in a specific route. I solve a lot using technique, but I notice in the steep that more power would not hurt. So I'm going to go for that right now.

sofie paulus
Sofie Paulus in Chulilla

 Which climber is a role model for you? Why?
For me, every climber is a role model who respects others and nature. I also think it's very important that there is a nice, positive atmosphere on the rock. Which degree is climbed in my opinion is of little importance.

 Is there anything about climbing that particularly fascinates you?
Yes! I find it incredibly exciting that climbing is so versatile. First, of course, it offers incredible challenges for the body and muscles. But in my experience, climbing also has a very positive effect on the psyche, at least if you don't let stress levels cause you stress. Climbing can calm, encourage and distract. It also brings people together and somehow creates its own meaningful world.

Sofie Paulus in Frankenjura

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to get into this sport?
In any case, do not feel disappointed by the fact that the body may initially feel heavy and awkward on the wall. I think that's completely normal. And I still have that feeling sometimes. It's best to make a lot of different movements, give yourself time to get a feel for grips, steps and techniques when climbing and just have fun.

What is your favorite Boreal shoe? Why?
Mutant. It just accompanies me from the start and feels good. It has already given me a secure hold on many difficult routes.

sofie paulus
Sofie Paulus at "Renegoide" 8b, Siurana

What do you want to give the climbing community?
Climbing offers a wonderful feeling of freedom. But I think it is important to be considerate of each other and the environment, especially with regard to the growing interest in sport. When traveling, we should also carefully reflect on our behavior and decisions so that we are not the last to have had some experiences. That would be a shame. Long trips should also remain something special. Even if we have the opportunity to fly anywhere and explore unknown areas, we don't have to push it to the limit!

Here at Boreal, we wish you the best of luck in your future projects. Thank you for your time!

Best wishes