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We interviewed the Podolan siblings

Today our BOREAL team is pleased to have the presence of Thomas and Viktoria Podolan. First of all, thank you for the time you have take to do this interview. Let us begin!

Thomas & Viktoria: We both have to say thank you for making us part of the BOREAL-Team – we are really proud of it!

How old were you when started climbing? What made you get started on this?

Viktoria: I was about five years old when I started my climbing career. My father went into a climbing gym and took me with him and immediately I caught the bug!

Thomas: I was about six years old when I started my climbing career. At this time my sister and my father were climbing a lot. One time I went with them and I immediately knew that this would be my passion.

What is it you like the most and the least in this sport?

Viktoria: The best part of climbing is the diversity of the sport. At the moment, I mainly like bouldering because I can practice it with many friends of mine.

Thomas: The best thing for me is that you can always reach new goals and it gets never boring because there are so many possibilities to train- bouldering, lead climbing, which needs a lot of endurance, speed climbing. I can practice my sport at any temperature and weather because I can climb outdoor if the weather is fine and I can also climb indoor, when it is cold and raining.

We interviewed the Podolan Siblings

Photo: Jasmin Walter 

When you start a new project, do you carry out some training beforehand? Do you have some sort of ritual?

Viktoria: Most of all I want to have fun by training indoor and outdoor but I like projects which are a big challenge for me. I also have some rituals but they are top-secret!

Thomas: I always want to improve my climbing skills nevertheless to have fun is one of the most important parts for me. There are some rituals before a competition but they are also my secret!

What’s your daily routine? How many hours a day do you train?

Viktoria: This autumn I`ll start my study. This will be a new part of my life and so I have the challenge of finding a new daily routine for me but I am sure that climbing will always be a big part of my life.

Thomas: I still go to school so I have to adapt my training to my school day and my tests.

According to your experience, what is your favorite climbing style? Why?

Viktoria: My favorite climbing style is bouldering because I can both practice my sport and can communicate with lots of different people.

Thomas: Although I climb all three disciplines – lead, speed and bouldering; the style I prefer is lead, because it depends on the climber and not on the route setters, if you are good or not.

We would like to place a bit of emphasis on you Thomas, as a few days ago you returned from the World Championship in Moscow with two medals. Congratulations! Can you tell us what your experience was like over there?

Thomas: The days in Moscow were very exciting for me, it was a great experience to be there and if you had asked me beforehand I would never have thought that this could happen. The hardest challenge for me was to keep my concentration, because my first competition started three days after we arrived and this was a long time.

We interviewed the Podolan siblings

Photo: Moritz Liebhaber

Have you guys ever experienced a difficult situation during a challenge?

Thomas: During a competition it´s always a challenge to organize my eating routine, because you can´t eat too much or too little before a competition, and you have to wait a long time in the isolation-zone sometimes about four hours.

What emotions do you feel during and after a project?

Thomas: The days before I am very excited, and after sending a project I am proud and happy with myself .

What’s your next challenge?

Thomas: Actually the season is over and I use the warm autumn days to improve my skill on the rocks surrounding my home.

Finally, what is your favorite BOREAL model and Why?

Thomas: My favorite BOREAL model is SATORI because with this kind of climbing shoe I have the best feel, and they supported me during the whole season. Last but not least, they really look good.

Thank you so much!

Thomas: Thank you also from my side – thanks to the whole BOREAL Team for supporting me!

Viktoria: I also want to say THANK YOU to the whole BOREAL Team – I´m proud to be a part of you!