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We interview Simón Elías

Hi Simon,

First off, thank you for giving us some of your time for this interview. We wanted to talk to you about a very special topic for us, the reflections of a mountaineer to get motivated before facing a challenge.

We feel with your professional career, and experience in climbing, you could enlighten us by explaining what the different emotions you feel when you start a new route. We believe it would be interesting for us and for the public to relate to the emotions you have at the beginning of an adventure and how to tackle it.

First, lets talk about you. How did you get started in mountaineering?

I was born and raised in the mountains of La Rioja, in a place which isn’t the planes of Tibet nor the needles of Chamonix. But it is remote, lost to civilization and immersed in nature. Mountaineering is an extension of the love for these spaces and its wildlife embedded in me from childhood.

Do you have a ritual when you begin a new challenge?

Confrontation with disaster, with the possibility of a tragedy, with the unknown, with he possibility of learning and failing. It’s all part of my life as a mountain guide, writer and mountaineer. Adventure is something you search for from within.

What thoughts go through your mind when you are confronted with a difficult challenge? The possibility of learning. The continuing search as an adult and even at an old age of the possibility to learn is one of the greatest things in life. They say felines are intelligent animals because they keep playing as adults. Searching for adventure doesn’t stop being part of a game where we develop intelligence or our most ancient instincts. Where we generate good energy.

What fills you the most about starting a new adventure in an unknown place?
I’m normally more fearful.

Do you think having shorter term goals helps you overcome challenges more than long term goals do?

We can’t loose site of the goals. Not because they may be obligations, but because pampering and tending to them allows us to become who we want to be.

What trait do you believe is necessary to always have I. Order to get what you want?

Determination is the main value. But so to is education. You can’t be persistent if you lack the right tools.

If you had to define hat you feel when you achieve a goal n one word, what would that word be?

I’m not really goal oriented, I prefer to enter and exit through the service door. I’ve always said he best way to get somewhere is by ruining your reputation. From that moment life gets better.  Got more support from Chamonix when I crashed my vas whilst drunk than when I climbed the north face of the Jorasses with Kilimanjaro Jornet.

What is more important, mental strength, physical strength or both?

Motivation and mental strength go beyond the physical. The prove is in that an anti athlete like me has been able to make some sports achievements.

Is it necessary to have the ability of critical thinking before a new challenge?

Always. Each challenge is a piece of self criticism. Failure is the best, and most creative form of learning.

Finally, what’s your next challenge?

I’m not goal or challenge oriented. Life is simply to continue living and not being eaten by a sable tooth tiger. Just like when we were hunter gatherers. The mountain, life in nature, teaches you we haven’t really advanced so much from Paleolithic times. Or at least that is the adventure I’d like to live in.

We would like to thank you once again for your valuable time. We’re sure our fans will love this up close and special interview.