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We interview Edu Marín

Hi Edu, first of all, we would like to thank you for making space for us in your busy schedule for this interview. Through a series of questions, we want to delve into the most important aspects which have marked your career from your first steps into this sport up until today as an example and role model climber.

We are convinced the followers of Boreal will be pleased to learn a little more about one of our star athletes.

At what age did you start to climb and how did discover your passion for this sport?

I began to climb when I was 12, in those days it was not normal to see a child of that age climbing a long route. I discovered it thanks to my father, he was a mountaineer or a Big Wall climber, this is why I didn’t start sport climbing for a year and a half. We had a little fright... I skip a joint, I ran out of rope and I had to secure myself onto a little tree. When my father got to the top, he said, “This is the last time we do Big Wall climbing. This kid is killing me!!!”

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We understand your father has always been by your side supporting you through your career and that you also has repeatedly climbed together. Was he the person who motivated you to get started in this sport?

He has always supported me as my father and as a climber. He always understood my passion for this sport which he lives with the same intensity. We have a very good relationship and usually do large projects all over the world. He is one of my favorite companions of great adventures. He is certainly the person who has always motivated me to try to climb my dreams.

What’s it like to climb with your father? Do you prefer to climb accompanied or alone?

It is difficult to find a climbing partner with the same motivation, commitment or the same capacity of suffering... My father and I are very similar in many respects. If we are going for a goal we will not go home without attaining it. One of the things I like more about climbing is that it is a very social sport and you can climb or travel around the world with very different people.

You have been one of the youngest climbers from Spain to win world titles such as the Championship of Bulgaria. What memories do you have of those victories at such a young age?

It is a time of my life I remember with great pride and satisfaction. At age 12 I was a chubby kid, overweight. But when I got motivated, everything changed. At age 15 I was already fighting to win international titles as world champion. Then I understood that if you work hard with excitement and motivation, we can achieve what we set out to achieve!
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We would like if you shared with us your daily training routine.
Now I combine workouts with rock climbing. I climb or train six days a week

We know one of your greatest professional achievements was in Siurana (Tarragona), considered by many the Mecca of climbing due to the difficulty of the routes. Is it really so complicated or have you faced more complicated challenges?

I linked La Rambla in 2006, I was the second in the world to climb it. And one of the first climbers in 9a+ route logbook. In those years this was the maximum world difficulty. Climbing has evolved very fast since then. I've done way harder routes than the Rambla, for example Chilam Balm 9a + / b. I'm currently attempting a 9b.

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After a professional break, how was your return to climbing?

I have unfortunately had a few breaks in my career as a professional climber. Always due to injuries. Returning is always a positive experience because I am going back to my original lifestyle. Even though starting again is always difficult because you loose your physical condition quite quickly.

Was it complicated to resume your career? With motivation and enthusiasm complicated things become simple.

The best moment in my career was when I was proclaimed the youth world champion. I still remember when I was coming down from the final route. I fell whilst catching the last grip. I turned mid-air and began to search among the public for my coach. When I saw him crying of joy and jumping, I understood... that it was world champion.

Following in the footsteps of your father, do you see yourself climbing  the rest of your life? Of course. Climbing is my life.

 You're one of the athletes of our team, do you feel comfortable using our products? What kind of climbing shoes are your favorite?


For me BOREAL es more than a company, it’s my family. BOREAL started backing me when I was 12 years old. Thanks to them, I have been able to achieve my dreams. My favorite climbing shoes are the Mutant and the Lynx.


Do you have any challenge in mind for the future? My mind is filled with challenges, projects, travel... Surely this coming year, they will give much to talk about.

 Finally, will give us some advice for the future climbing professionals? We have all started from the bottom, but the main thing is to enjoy every step you take, every corner you explore. The rest comes by itself.


BOREAL wishes you lots of luck and may you keep reaping success for many years to come.


Best wishes.


Thank you very much!!