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Interview to Nora Kiraly

We spoke with BOREAL athlete Nora Kiraly to find out a little more about her.

We’ll start off with a simple question; why do you climb?

Climbing just feels so right. It is testing you in so many ways, and entertaining you at the same time. I learnt a lot about myself because of climbing. You can visit amazing places and the society is also unique, I think. I can’t imagine my life without climbing.

You started at a very early age (9). How was that first contact with the sport?

I climbed trees with my classmate, who was already a climber that time. Later theinvited me to try climbing in the gym. My first climb on the wall was already a competition!

The Hatchling (8A)

Your first 8a was at Rocklands, South Africa. How would you define this experience in one phrase?

Sweet revenge (the previous year I injured my knee on that boulder).

In 2016 you had a serious shoulder injury. How did you overcome this situation? Was it hard? Did take a lot to get back to your level?

I was not allowed to climb for 2 months, and the worst part was that I had to do nothing, just taking anti-inflammatory drugs, some ultrasound treatment, taping and waiting. That time really tested my nerves and patience. Visiting the climbing gym and watching climbers having fun when you are not allowed to touch the holds or do any exercises, that’s cruel! Then it got a lot better when I could start to do the physio exercises. I felt tired, destroyed after the sessions, simply it just felt like training and I loved it! I could see some glimpse at the end of a long road. I just had to be very careful, because tendonitis used to be really stubborn, it came back quite easily.

Even though you are very young, you have had an excellent career. Which places have you enjoyed the most and which have you enjoyed the least, and why?

My favourite place that I’ve been so far is Rocklands. It is a really peaceful, beautiful place with friendly people. There wasn’t any place that I didn’t like. I am very happy if I can have an outdoor trip, but I have a memorable experience with one week full of rain in Magic Wood. That was frustrating!

World Championship in Paris

Out of all the competitions you've participated in, which is the one you are most fond of?

The problems of the world cups in Munich are usually quite fun, but I think Meiringen is the friendliest host.

What is the most important thing for you when you are facing a boulder problem?

Trying my best and having fun.

How do you motivate yourself?

I think it is important to surround yourself with the right people, who are motivated, positive, and can make you laugh even on the hardest day.

How much time do you dedicate to climbing every week? Do you practice any other sports?

I’ve just started my new training under the wings of Vladek Zumr 3 weeks ago. I train 7 times a week, it is about 17 hours per week. I think making a mini bull terrier puppy tired can count as another sport!

Rest is very important for athletes. What do you like to do most during your rest periods?

I spend more time with my family, we often go hiking and I like to read really thick books.

Boulder Bundesliga in Dresden_2

What do you have planned for the future?

As I mentioned before, I’ve just started to work with a coach. The first is to prepare for Rocklands again in July. In the autumn, I’d like to try something new with a really strong Hungarian friend… multi-pitch climbing. Last but not least, next year I’d like to take part in more bouldering world cups and get better.

Finally, what do you think of climbing as an olympic sport in 2020? Would you like to represent Hungary in a competition of this magnitude?

I think most of the people would like to represent their country at the Olympic Games. The format is also very interesting… A combination of all three disciplines. And only the top 20 men and women can qualify for the Olympics. I am pretty interested to see the process!

Thanks Nora, and good luck for this year!

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