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Interview to Ofer Blutrich

Author: Ofer Blutrich

We spoke to BOREAL athlete Ofer Blutrich to find out a little more about his career, from his beginnings in his native Israel in 2001 to the present day.

Ofer Blutrich

Hi Ofer! Tell us a little about how you started. Why you did you choose this sport?

I always loved sports and especially individual sport.

I really like  problem solving and the creative process that goes with it, and in climbing there is a lot of it.  I like the fact the you are on your own and nobody can help you get to the top of the cliff if you will not help yourself.

After 16 years, do you still have the same enthusiasm as when you started?

Sure there are ups and down in motivation throughout my career as a climber, but yes in new places I get really excited and start jumping around with joy and wanting to try every climb there is!

After all these years as a professional climber, which moment do you remember with excitement?

I get really enthusiastic when I bolt new routes, the creating part makes me motivated. I am really proud on the route I opened in Wadi Rum, “Glory”, that still stand as one of the hard beautiful lines there.

I also remember the time I climbed Pata Negra in Rodellar(2009) as a highlight. When I started climbing I saw that route on my first visit to Rodellar in 2005, and never believed I would do it one day.

About your native land: what is the best part of climbing in Israel?  What is your favourite place to climb in your country?

For me for sure the most motivating part is putting up new routes. I bolted Israel’s hardest line, and set the bar for hard climbing for future generation, and it makes me happy to know i contributed to Israel development of sport of climbing.

I love Nezer cave which is located in the north of Israel, it has around 45 routes, from 6b-8c+ and I put up most of them.

Ofer Blutrich

What do you think of when you’re hanging from a wall or a rock?

I love to feel the beauty of the movement. The art of climbing.

Do you have any superstitions or good luck charms you carry with you?

Not really but i do have habits, like my knots, the way my harness looks, the way I hang the quickdraws etc.


We’ve seen you in many impressive nocturnal and daytime pictures. But if you had to choose, what time of day do you prefer to boulder at?

My favorite time is just before sunset, this is the golden hour for me, and then I really like to stay at the crag in the dark a little bit more and climb with the torch, or just hang out a little bit more

Tell us three values a person should have in order to become a good climber.

Dedication, real passion for climbing, be able to go past failure often.

Any plans for the next few months?

Right now I am in Spain and I return here next winter, but actually I have a few projects back home in Israel both climbing and also climbing related, like promoting climbing in the country.

Finally, what advice would you give people who would like to become professional climbers?

Follow climbing passionately and create your own path, be prepared to sacrifice at times and see the good sides of it but be aware there are some other sides beside climbing.

I would not trade it for anything else!

Thank you Ofer!

Best wishes,

Your team at BOREAL