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Attempt of Manaslu (8.163m) | by Elisabeth Revol

Author: Feb 10, 2017; Elisabeth Revol

IMG_20161230_112952On my return from Nanga, the idea of the Himalayas in winter would not leave me, and over the year it became almost an obsession... 

That's how the idea to attempt Manaslu came. When there, I found a completely different adventure. 

It is not easy to find the words to qualify such an epic. Manaslu in "winter" is something I did not expect, a scale of magnitude or comparison between nature and humanity that is multiplied tenfold.

One of the differences was loneliness. Indeed, my previous winter climb was alongside other expeditions, other mountaineers; this was not the case this year...

I became captivated by the situation and the challenge. For the first time I hardly read in base camp, I felt a boundless energy, and immense self confidence, I felt strong ... nothing seemed to exhaust me...

DSC03247But the objective conditions became too dangerous. In addition to temperatures of -40, -50 and the high altitude disarming my body, I was in an ocean of snow, no less than 7 meters of snow fell during the month of January.

Extremely violent winds blowing almost continuously high up. To climb on the slopes of this mountain is the most arduous thing that I have experienced, always in a threatening atmosphere. For hours I made my way. I think I can say that this was the most committing attempt in my life ...

I reached my own limit when the conditions became really extreme. The wind roared and raged, the sky poured meters and meters of snow.

Himalaya closed her doors but I returned home empowered. After touching some of the most exposed sections of this planet in some of the most brutal climates, I lived the great Himalayan solitude, it is surely the richest experience of my life but also the most extreme and the most committing!

Elisabeth Revol