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Zenith is a unique high performance climbing rubber compound developed by Boreal. This compound provides outstanding friction and excellent hold on small edges.

Zenith rubber is a high performance rubber developed by Boreal. Zenith is designed for no-compromise performance, and features incredible friction properties combined with an ability to hold micro edges. This ultimate compound is featured on our highest performance rock shoe models. 



One of the difficult decisions often faced by climbers is whether to choose the precision and adjustability of a lace-up shoe, or the convenience of a strap closure.  With the innovative Mix2Fit system, Boreal has combined elements of both lace and strap closures to create a highly adjustable and secure yet convenient system with the principle benefits of both.

Regular lace-up shoes provide excellent adjustability, but are often slower and less convenient to use. 

Our Mix2Fit system uses a captive lace cord which offers comparable levels of adjustability to a regular lace shoe. The key difference however is that once pulled tight the lace is then secured with a strap tab instead of a knot and so fitting and removal is just as quick and convenient as a strap shoe.


Wrap Rand

The wrap rand takes the concept of our V2 Rand and develops it further. The rubber surrounds the arch of the foot and supports it in the optimum position for strength and precision.

In most rock boots, the heel is tensioned with a basic single band of rubber, which simply pulls and compresses the heel cup. Boreal have developed a more thorough tensioning system with the Wrap Rand.

A much wider area of the shoe is tensioned, with the strap running all the way under the foot and around the heel. This provides a stable, secure platform for the foot without compromising sensitivity or freedom of movement.

Ref. 11515 SATORI

Boreal Satori is the pinnacle of climbing performance, developed alongside Dharma in conjunction with our world climbing team. The aggressively downturned and asymmetric last shape combined with the ultra sticky Zenith™ rubber mean that Satori excels on the hardest, steepest climbs. 

Product Info
  • UPPERS: High quality Split leather with superb-adjustable M2Fit system. Integrated elastic tongue. Optimum fit from “Wrap Rand”

  • LINING: Unlined

    WEIGHT: 470 grs./pair (size 6 UK)
  • MIDSOLE: High sensitivity midsole with Toe Flexion System

  • CONSTRUCTION: Slip-Lasted

  • SOLE: Ultra sticky Boreal ZENITH outsole. 4-4.5 mm thickness depending on size

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Shoe for the most demanding climbers with a great fit, support and sensitivity. Excellent toe hooking ability. Ideal shoe for overhanging climbs, bouldering and gym


  • The highly downturned and asymmetric last shape cradles the foot and maximizes power at the toe. The innovative Wrap Rand™ surrounds and supports the foot, while the combined lace and Velcro M2 Fit™ closure system keeps everything secure. Meanwhile, our premium quality unlined split leather upper with integrated elastic tongue ensures you will stay comfortable.

  • An extended rubber patch over the toes and 3D moulded heel in our outstanding Zenith™ rubber result in exceptional toe and heel hooking ability, and the graded midsole provides an ideal balance between stiffness on micro edges, and softness on smears. Satori is the ideal shoe for climbers and boulderers looking for the highest performance available.

BOREAL Satori Product Review | by Alma Bestvater
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Boreal Satori is the pinnacle of climbing performance, developed alongside Dharma in conjunction with our world climbing team. ​Check out the ​newest product review of Alma Bestvater.
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