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FS Quattro

FS Quattro is a unique climbing rubber compound developed Boreal. This compound provides excellent abrasion resistance and consistent performance over a wide temperature range.

FS Quattro rubber is a specific formulation developed by Boreal. It was designed to provide consistent high performance over a wide temperature range, and to offer a long life span. This highly versatile rubber is ideal for all-round rock shoes, with a perfect blend of high friction and durability.


Ref. 12274 ACE

Who says a performance shoe needs to be asymmetric? With an incredibly precise, pointed toe, stiff board lasted construction and sticky FS Quattro™ rubber, the Boreal Ace demonstrates there is another way. 

Product Info
  • UPPERS: High quality split leather with lateral anti-stretch stitching

  • LINING: Full canvas lining

    ​WEIGHT: ​528 grs./pair (size 6 UK)
  • MIDSOLE: Full insole and midsole

  • SOLE: Boreal FS-QUATTRO. Thickness. 4.6 - 5.2 mm. depending on size

  • CONSTRUCTION: Board Lasted

  • USAGE: Especially good for long routes, friction climbs, or classics


  • The Ace features a pointed, symmetrical last shape, ideal for getting toes into small pockets. The high quality split leather upper is combined with anti-stretch stitching and a full canvas lining to ensure the shoe stays comfortable and retains shape over time. Full length lacing securely holds the foot for superb precision. 

  • The board lasted construction (a construction method normally associated with high quality trekking boots) provides excellent underfoot support, allowing the use of micro edges. Meanwhile the sticky and durable FS Quattro™ rubber gives superb friction. The Ace is a fantastic all-rounder, excelling on trad climbs and long routes.