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Dani Andrada | Bouldering in Montroig
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Dani Andrada rediscovers the boulder area of Montroig (Tarragona). On his first visit after many years, he tries a few attempts in 'Biceps Prou' 8A and 'Maikelsoncrusoe' 8A. Just days later he ​makes the first repetition of the travers 'Energía Vital' 8B /+.

In collaboration with Wogü. Directed by Pau Alonso.
Boreal Outdoor
The original Ninja broke the mould for climbing shoes; the world's first sensitive, performance slipper. The latest incarnation of the benchmark shoe brings it bang up to date. Highly downturned and asymmetric yet supple at the toe, and with super sticky Zenith Ultra® rubber.
MAZAMA & KERALA | Your ideal hiking companion
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Featuring low weight, great fit and durable construction, Mazama has exceptional comfort and reliability. The Dry-Line® technology ensures unrivalled waterproof and breathable protection, and the supportive and grippy Vibram sole provides confidence inspiring grip. Mazama, the perfect partner for exploring the trails.
Statement of Youth | Trailer
Collaboration with
The progressive increase of the standards in climbing in 1980. A small group of climbers eager to climb full time and to live outside of the rest of society, became the most influential figures in the history of the British climbing.
DHARMA | Pinnacle of sport climbing performance.
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The highly downturned and asymmetric last shape combined with supportive midsole and BOREAL® Zenith Pro rubber mean that Dharma excels on the World's hardest, steepest climbs.
SATORI | The ultimate bouldering shoe.
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With an aggressively downturned and asymmetric last shape and mega sticky BOREAL® Zenith Ultra™ rubber, Satori features outstanding sensitivity. The optimized heel hooking ability allows you to perform on the hardest problems.
SYNERGY | Designed for optimum feel.
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A highly aggressive last shape is carefully blended with superb sensitivity and supremely sticky BOREAL Zenith Ultra™ rubber to enhance the natural qualities of the foot; a true synergy of design, materials and craftsmanship, enabling you to push your limits on any bloc.
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Edges, smears, heel and toe hooks; any of these may be needed to ensure a successful ascent. With the BOREAL Mutant, there is no compromise
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Maximum performance in the mountain.
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Ben Moon | Past, present & future (p. 1)
Boreal Outdoor
A tour through climbing history starring our emblematic British climber Ben Moon.