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Interview Petar Ivanov

Good afternoon Petar Ivanov, first, we at BOREAL would like to congratulate you on your excellent results in the competitions, and wish you the best so you can continue collecting trophies. 

We'd like to ask you some questions for all the cloning community who follow us in social media to get to know you better.

• Our readers would like to know when you started climbing and what motivates you to do it.

I started climbing when I was 6. I met climbing by accident, but I have always been loving the mountains and the climbing itself. The thing that motivates me is the chasing of a goal and when I see the progress, after a period of hard trainings.

• Other than competing, do you practice any other disciplines within climbing? If so, which one are you more passionate about? If not, do you practice any other sports?

I really like rock climbing but unfortunately due to the many trainings and the lack of a crag near my town I don’t spend much time on rocks. I really like long routes and slabs on rocks, because they are technical and you should be patient to manage climbing them. Outdoor climbing is real climbing for sure, but I am hungry for competing  I also practice ski-mountaineering and cycling sometimes.

• Now we would like to ask you about training. We'd love to know more about your training. Could you summarize a few things about it for us like:

Well training is a complicated process, where you can’t be absolutely sure, whether you are doing it right or not. Most of my trainings I climb for 2 to 4 hours and afterwards I do campusboard a little, pull ups and hang on crimps with one or two hands, with or without extra weight, as depending on the type of training. When I train for power I do campusboarding for around 2 hours, than I climb on the moonboard, then I do some exercises on the rings, on the bar, on the pilates ball. I do emphasise on the core strength, as it is really important for climbing. In the beginning of the year I train endurance for a month and a halve, then I start bouldering.

• Do you have a phrase or a thought which motivates you whilst you compete?

I don’t have a certain phrase or saying before the start, maybe I only tell to myself that I should think only about solving the problem and climbing the route or boulder.

• Which BOREAL climbing shoe do you like the most and why?

The new Mutant is a great shoe. It performs great on every type of surface and holds, it is very precise and comfortable and doesn’t allow any compromise. However, I find them too hard for some competitive boulders, where the volumes and pyramids require softer shoes. And here are the Dharmas – the best shoes for competition boulders, soft and precise, the best choice. I also like the Satori, because in my opinion they have both quantities of the Mutant and the Dharma, they are something like a mix between the other two models.

• What goals or future projects do you have in mind?

I plan taking part in the other comps of the European circuit and also I will take part in the youth World championships in China. I will also go to try some nice routes in the Karlukovo cave in Bulgaria, maybe I will project some 8c’s.

• Finally, we all know it is hard to make a living exclusively as a professional climber now a days. We'd like to know if you study or work and what you have in mind for your future.

I go to school and I have 3 more years until my graduation. I don’t have plans for the far future but I am sure my life will be always closely connected with climbing.


A big hug and we wish you lots of luck in your upcoming projects.


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