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INTERVIEW Ryan Pasquill


Ryan Pasquill is perhaps one of the best all-round climbers in the UK, and is known for his understated style, completing many climbs on-site or ground up.

His impressive tick list includes Sleepy Hollow (E10, 7a), Gerty Berwick (E9, 7a), flash ascents of Gaia (E8, 6c), End of the Affair (E8, 6c) and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (E8, 6c) and redpoints of Jungle Speed (9a), Evolution (8c+) and Baa Baa Black Sheep (8c+).

Boreal UK: Where do you live?

Ryan: Sheffield


Boreal UK: What’s your background?

Ryan: I grew up in Bolton in Lancashire (think it’s classed as Greater Manchester now but I’m not having that!) I was a bit of a scally before climbing showed me the way. I went to the same school as Paul Pritchard so that could explain a few things.


Boreal UK: What do you do for a living?

Ryan: That’s a question I usually struggle with. Anything that pays me really but I do draw the line at being a rent boy. I’m training to be a plumber so that might help with the question next time.


Boreal UK: How did you get in to climbing?

Ryan: Well my dad is a bit of a climbing legend over our way so it was him who got me into it. Apparently I didn’t take to it when I was young so my dad took me wrestling instead. When I did finally start climbing at thirteen I was hooked and haven’t looked back.


Boreal UK: Where is your favourite place to climb?

Ryan: The uk! Too many good crags to name but I love the diversity over here and the rich history. I was pretty blown away by Pabbay last year. My favourite places are the ones that give me the best memories and the ones that stick are almost always trad related.


Boreal UK: What type of climbing do you enjoy most?

Ryan: Any type although bouldering is probably at the bottom at the moment but mainly because I like the feeling of space beneath my feet. I like to push myself but I also just like the pure movement of climbing. I find it really relaxing.


Boreal UK: Do you have a favourite route?

Ryan: Romantic Warrior at the Needles in California. We didn’t have time to climb it but from the ground it’s one of the most impressive routes I’ve ever seen.


Boreal UK: Who inspires you?

Ryan: My dad has been a big inspiration. Trying to repeat his routes in the Wilton quarries when I started climbing was motivating and being part of the scene in Lancashire was a good introduction to climbing. I admire Steve Mcclure’s tenacity, James Mcaffie’s relentlessness and Ian vicker’s understated ability.


Boreal UK: What’s the best piece of advice you could give?

Ryan: Beer makes you a better climber.


Boreal UK: Do you read much, or are you in to films or music?

Ryan: I’m too lazy to read in general but at the moment I’m reading the Wras Water Regulations Training manual, it’s got everything you need to know about urinals! My favourite films as a kid where The Goonies and Enter The Dragon. These days I just get restless when I watch a film. I love music but I seriously need to update my ipod.


Boreal UK: Favourite food?

Ryan: I used to live on Mcdonalds and chippys but now that I’m an athlete it’s curry.


Boreal UK: Nice! Thanks Ryan.